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Suite for Piano "Scenes Coloured by Water"
& Trois Melodies pour piano a 4 Mains
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Suite for Piano "Scenes Coloured by Water
One day, I was bathing the warm sunshine in my garden, and looking at the flowers which began blooming in different colours. Cherry trees were bearing little pink buds. I was inspired by this mellow, warm atmosphere of spring and composed this piece named "Scenes Coloured by Water".Once I wrote a music about the spring, it was natural that I was motivated to write those for other seasons. In the following three months, I composed six pieces with which same procedure of naming was repeated; I completed the piece, played it for my wife, and she gave the title for it. She was eventually the one who made the title of the entire suite, as a matter of fact. As the composition was to be published, Kayoko Sunaga, my wife, wrote short but pretty poems for each piece of the suite.

Trois Melodies pour piano a 4 Mains
1 Barcarolle: by imagining the gondola in Venice, Italy,
2 Chant (song): expressing the mood of singing a lovely song, and
3 Mouvement (movement): keeping the Latin rhythm steady throughout the piece.

"TAMEIKI" for voice and piano was performed by Yukari Nonoshita and Katsuhiro Oguri in TOKYO /February 5. Score of this work was released. The right photo is a score of this work. Email information to: Katsuhiro Oguri (


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